Metric Board Exam and Private Schools

Geo News team raided a private school in Karachi…. We all are aware of the bad education system.. but incidents like this ,make obvious more evident!

We need to realize the severity of this horrible practice we are doing with the name of private schools and colleges… with no check or balance.
Here it is as simple to get a certificate or degree, as you might try to get at a car inspection… or get a medical certificate signed by your family friend.
Above mentioned does not seem like big crimes but made us accustomed to follow the same path in bigger and serious matters too.. .you will rarely see children who work hard at their studies and are proud of it too… they usually demotivated by resourceful peers who have expensive tuition centers , or even better school -com tuition centers to get them desired results…

There is a “medical college ” open to new students if they have foreign passport and promise to pay foreign student fee for next five years… even when they stay in Pakistan… no age limit …. or hard entry exam needed. They are serving the a big chunk of our students who want to be a doctor at the end and want to be in United States asap to take their USMLE without fulfilling their house job requirements here.
Few colleges will produce MBA degree on your name if you are ready to pay for it…. it is in back date. Degrees, and certificates are for sale in every nook and corner of Pakistan and ability or merit are in total despair… When might always proves right at the end no wonder majority are trying to be mightier overnight….at any cost .


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