Rise or Fall of Education?

Really interesting board with a “masters level of Urdu” to explain an average parent that in this school Urdu will be prohibited, and all matters will be conducted in English only….
This is “The thought” and expectation from most of our private schools… they are providing what ever is in demand.. or sells.

Urdu is seeing its decline due to this attitude we adapted long time ago…that every thing foreign , and new is good… and every new thing should start from throwing out what we had..., and secondly using MA level of Urdu in News paper and every day in Schools, even this announcement seems very MA Urdu… Where rest of the world literacy is considered if one can read at sixth grade level …but we make things harder before we teach them Urdu or English alike.
No wonder we are facing a big Identity crises these days.

Knowing a language means knowing a culture …and we are denying our own culture,… most of the kids today may have better spoken English due to media influence…however their English language skills are not excellent, and on the other hand Urdu is not being taught enough, even teachers will try to diffuse parents concern about Urdu by saying why worry you can send your kid to O,level later , so he will not need Urdu at all.As the result they may have good English or not but they will have bad Urdu for sure.
While learning more than one language is a privilege in most of the world, here only , English,French and German is considered cool and fashionable.


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