Educate the Masses.

Few months back here in Lahore people used to watch multiple regional channels….ranging from Sindhi Sind TV, to Punjabi Apna, Saraiki Wasib and Pushtu Khyber TV, and even Darri
However it seems that high profile TV channels have overshadowed the smaller ones… May be they are not being showed in metropolitan areas and are limited to only smaller town or by request only….
These channels can be a good source to educate and inform the masses … who can’t understand any thing more than their own regional language….
As a melting pot of culture we have, we should let these flavors blend in…

Like at the time of this turmoil in Swat we don’t see what is their own young people thinking… in Peshawar or what their perspective is when they are right in the middle of it all… who can describe it better.
More importantly local media is important to inform people about danger… threats and even at time warnings to leave homes or not… here in Lahore “City42” and before that” Express News Urdu” , filled up that need for citizen s in our community.
Any thing concerning citizens in this area is on “City42“.They are doing a great job!

People need sense of belonging…only people who built communities make stronger Nations…
We should invest in our communities too.
By watching International News and being unaware of our own risks and potential is not going to take us any where…
Decisions which affect average citizens should not be left to our cable operators.. instead should be regulated … by responsible administration.


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