Education and our policy `09

kids started Eid break already…. however with lots homework assignments.
This year their schools reopened at the same time when Ramadan was beginning …. and that meant less hours in school… so there is Still much catching up to do study wise….
In here studies are also a burden for parents as well for kids… private is the only option to go and still quality is not promised or took seriously ..our bureaucratic style is also influencing our “private businesses” too… no concept of customer service … or keeping clients happy.
It is sad that I have to call our schools” businesses” … unfortunately they are !
May be used as labels, clubs or status symbol to measure our financial standing but hardly fulfilling any real education or character building options to students.Most So called private schools emphasis on being elite or act like one… they will admit children on their parents social standing and reject less impressive ones right away… and we thought education was suppose to make better people who do not judge others…….
While parents keep emptying their pockets in hope for good quality education however every one ends up unhappy…. be it private school parents,( low end or high end fees), or govt school parents… no body gets the satisfaction in the effort to provide for their kids education…and there are a lot more who never had a chance to go to school or will go to Madressah.

On the surface one will see a lot more time is spent in strive for education here…. schools , tuition centers, then schools.. that’s all most kids you will find them doing here… Most of the parents have a big part of their income and resources submitted to educate their kids……

And in these schools extracurricular activities are limited , and usually fewer get chance to participate in them.. only few Private schools have sports facilities available to their students which are still smaller than old Govt school play grounds……
And here comes our Education policy’09 ……and nothing is going to change because there is not much strategic change … still a late an emergency kind of announcement which sounds good….
Laws to control and regulate curriculum and “school businesses” is hard to find …. any one can open a school and print stationary and sell uniforms charge fee as they wish ….


One thought on “Education and our policy `09

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