Education is the fundamental of any society, but unfortunately we lost our good educational system to a very chaotic educational commercial activity… A lot is being taught and less is being learned!

We have witnessed a   gradual decline in our existing Government school , college system and an emergence of many new more class based   multi type of educational   system, which increased the social divide. Private less expensive to very expensive schools colleges, Madressahs, and tuition centers flourished  to substitute formal education, which hardly  matches at national level and have no place on an international  scale.

Education here is   being provided only as labels to pass through life, it starts too early and finishes late, most students learn more from their social exposure than in class settings, a system developed to appreciate what naturally shines and ignore the rest un carved, leaving them untouched and un explored!

It is hard to find willing and motivated teachers who can ignite passion for learning in kids, while leaving their individuality intact. Primary and middle schools are vital in the development of a human mind and personality, however here we see most teachers are cold, indifferent and non communicative… merely  there in a professional sense  of the the way.

Most of today’s teachers have no passion for their profession, that void can be filled with training and good communication skills  if they lack confidence, and communication skills, they cannot be expected  to teach well…. apparently even  the most established schools have no check and balance on quality of teaching practices. Most people are there because there was no other job available…. if you look at the private schools mushroomed in low-income areas or for lower middle class, you can find their own fresh grads teaching their 8th grade.

What we had before, was a good structure, so we are more at loss than other developing countries, we have to struggle to redefine and rethink our education system on emergency basis for development and survival both.


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