Pakistan  have  a fast growing  population  like other developing countries  which is rapidly turning into rural urban population , since most of this tilt is unplanned , unmonitored or documented,  we see cities becoming  overcrowded  because people moving to big cities for earning opportunities, but this unplanned constant shift  is a huge reason for shortage of basic utilities  and services for citizens. With expanding population health care  concerns are greater than ever,  natural disaster and other accidents leave many disabled, then  a weak health care system let children slip into disability without intervention before or after birth.

 Disability physical or intellectual,  demands  more work from state and society, but in our situation where human rights are barely met for able bodied, and awareness is rare even for healthy citizens, disabled  persons become  more  vulnerable part of our society, which reflects in our educational and social welfare sector as well. There is a bait-ul-Mal, a Zakat system, but they are just symbolic departments and hardly reaching the  most deserving. 

Despite lots of  interest and a few good initiatives from  provincial and federal  governments,  there are only a handful institutes and organizations which are  delivering any impactful results for special population in Pakistan.  There are a only few schools in big cities, which are  more for physical rehab facilities  for polio stricken ,  and there are also a few exclusive schools for blind, or  deaf and dumb children which provide education to these kids too. However inclusive education is still a dream for our special kids.

We have resources, manpower and need,  but not enough  legislative direction to to take up the task of providing welfare for mentally challenged and physically crippled,  that’s how we see more people living with disability without any shelter to prevent , protect or even rehab.

We need shelters , rehab services, and a well structured functioning  social welfare system, which finds people instead of asking people  in despair to  prove their handicap if they want services, like medical treatment, rehab , occupational therapy, and education as much they can avail.

For much needed fundamental changes in our school system and society regarding special people, We need to have research, campaigning  to spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy,  Down syndrome and ASD,  with other  associated  disabilities.

For more inclusive society and even more inclusive classrooms, We do not need to reinvent the wheel, our Armed forces  have rehabilitative set up, which  can work for civilians as well if we use same level of training for our teaching hospitals and  colleges where we train physical therapist, speech and occupational therapist.


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