There is this aspect of fast paced academic year which is dragging our school education from a level of bad to a new worst, Teachers are under pressure to teach multiple of topics within the time line of three months, most private school start academic year from September, and then from last few years these three months are also shortened by two Eid breaks, Ramzan hours, Muharrem break, and this year even a dengue break for extra two weeks, then cut short again by compulsory ‘load shedding’ plan to a day off on Saturday again.
Bottom line is this that most teachers will touch the topics as per their lesson plans without much time for reinforcement or to check their student’s ability to grasp the concepts taught.
Since the start to end of the term average middle schooled take two checkpoints, tests or monthly tests, and one exam at the end of the term. Exam is highlighted by the teachers and schools to get at least 50% of the marks in major subjects to pass, and term end with exams end with numbers of huge books shiny and unfinished still in their bags. Instead of excitement of learning something new, kids will start another term burdened with thoughts of more date sheets, syllabus, and just more tests to look forward to…


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