Basics Before Technology !

Chief minister of Punjab Mian Shehbaz Shareef is known for his good intentioned schemes and ideas for masses, from” Yellow cab” to “Sasti roti”, and from “Danish school” to “Ashiyana “scheme are good examples of a mindset, which wants to use his authority for general good, and raise the standard of living for many, instead of few favorites…. Despite political rating and criticism, he always been a visionary in character ,who is able to see the big picture…and starts something which leaves lasting impact for masses, which is a rare quality in our current and past political or any kind of leadership, there is no lack of visionaries and well wishers for Pakistan , but unfortunately most of them hardly can make in to in any ruling position, so we should appreciate his efforts and not take him for-granted… having said that there is a lot of speculation is going on around, and about this “Lap top Scheme”, which is originally initiated for academically high achievers, however there are so many students who are doing good academically well, are waiting for a jobs they should be able to get too. Jobs are becoming scarce every day due to our deteriorating economy, There are few very genuine facts ,concerns and suggestions from many people from academia, students and parents, if Chief minister would like to consider them;

• Because of the generation gap there are less parenting in homes for technology usage, more distraction is possible. Waste of resources and time to rent internet services as one person, instead of a group service, while most libraries give internet access at 10 Rs per hr, and most commercial net café provide internet around 25 Rs at max per hour. So it shows that our young generation is not lacking behind in access to technology or its affecting their studies in any way. Except power outage to print their CV’s and thesis is a huge hurdle in their lives.

• Why new laptops when refurbished are available in Pakistan, (as CM like to practice self sufficient policy, why not teach them by example.

• Why suddenly so many lap tops are given to students who are actually need to look for work, instead of get them registered for job and make sure there search starts early and gap between degrees and employment shrinks.

• It looks a little” eat cake, when you can’t have roti” kind of plan.

• Secondly authority also require restrain and long term thinking, instead of haphazard announcements we should look for more long term implication of our actions.

• There is general perception in public regarding these kind of schemes, that they are usually prompted and influenced by few business interests.

Technology is important and its availability for schools is vital, by making sure kids get at least un interrupted electricity when in school, or home studying for exam.



2 thoughts on “Basics Before Technology !

  1. I think its not a job for one man “CM”, in Pakistan they need thousands of Nazims and council members to have direct connection with voters, who live in the same area where they get votes from, who has gone to same local schools where their voter’s children go to. Then in a decade or two this problem can be solved. But issue is that this vision does not align well with agenda of all political parties including Pakistan’s oldest and strongest Political party (Military) . Military need to realize that they are public servants not rulers, their salaries are paid tax payers. Oh, but then it raises a question will it include US(American) tax payer too, because they pay for all the aide to Pakistan?
    I like your idea, keep up good work.

    1. Interesting feedback,… tax payers are being lied every where …. we should need to focus on the causes of current disasters, Apparently lack of information and awareness makes it easier to get robbed from one’s right and not raise voice about it…, only education can reduce this manipulation of masses.

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