Re Think Pakistan; Remote Education

In recent few years what Pakistan has transformed in to is a living nightmare for any Nation, however it did not happen overnight, this destruction has many years of manipulation, and negligence of responsible organizations. Now all our fields are near collapse, but root problem is lack of development, and education in particular which opened doors for other troubles. Despite huge foreign aid, and efforts from non government organizations, and government it selves, education crises is becoming more out of control every year. An ever exploding population of ours, and lack of development, we have Government schools system which are destroyed due to the negligence or corruption.
Lack of education dragged us back in to the dark ages, in last few years We saw our self image painted in to an uncivilized, immoral, and an extremist society. Now just knowing our mistakes is not enough we need to get up and finish a race which had a bad start!, From information to education. Our running educational policies, plans and efforts are just superficial. All existing (except a few ) systems for education here, are dysfunctional and imbalanced. We need to rethink our education, by defining our priorities, action plan for all instead of a few fortunate and accessible, who already have resources and options to get the best what they want in matters of education. It is time to utilize technology for its best purpose to spread education, information and vocation to the remote areas of Pakistan.Virtual class room is not an impossible dream any more, actually Virtual university of Pakistan is working on it for years, where MIT, had these online courses from decades, now going to offer Khan academy concept is revolutionary in education field already. We should benefit from this abundance of technology, information to revive and rescue our Nation. Our need is remote education, which not impossible to achieve as long we have the right syllabus and tools for basic education, vocation or adult literacy purpose.The fastest way to uplift a Nation in turmoil is only the the way via information and education.


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