Education; Ten Most Serious Mistakes in Our System.

There are too many mistakes in our current educational system, however most serious problems are these few;

1-Too many types of education systems are allowed.
2-Education is not compulsory and free.
3-Any one can start, and run a school as a candy shop.
4-Private schools have free hand for fee, when there is no system to check if in return for heavy fee they provide basic environment for a well rounded education?, where every child is given equal opportunity to participate in sports, and extracurricular activities.
5-Teachers training (private schools) is non existent in early childhood and especially in elementary classes ( including the big school chains).
6-Foreign syllabus is included in education when there is no need for it, while our regional and cultural information and history is withheld or is given in very superficial level.
7-Rural and remote are not counted.
8-All educational reform efforts are too wrapped up in red-tape, they become ineffective.
9-Priority is given to more buildings then information when setting up institutes.
10-Uniformity in education private and public schools is most critical aspect for educational reform( for syllabus or teachers training both).


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