Who to blame for Malalah?

Every one is talking about how sad and evil it is that  Malala Yousef Zai   has been shot, TV, social media, and politicians  no one wants to  stay behind in their show of  sorrow and anger, This whole story is  disturbing,  and  it grieved me too,  however unlike  our politician my mind keep asking me one  obvious question,  that how come no body is holding responsible any one else, except the attackers..(.Yes they are  responsible for their act.!.. when  they are  already known for their brutality)… Our government and  decade old international efforts are proved useless  to   control them or their  followers, so what gives us this peace of mind   and freedom to express our objection on their savageness and be  treated like humans , we are forgetting that nothing is changed about them, they  never   been captured or punished in our recent history so why put a young dependent child in the  way of sheer  danger.

Terrorism is   the biggest reality of every child who is growing up in Pakistan,  which made them more sensitive,  and mature  beyond their years…Malalah is a good example of a child’s innocence, a blossoming spirit,   which  naturally all kids bring with them., but as they live in a real not so kind World they are told to be careful and not take unnecessary risks.. however in Malala’s case  one would think , her family made a wrong choice to let her name get public after her blog which She wrote, no matter how special we feel when our kids show  their spark and we can see our dreams fulfilled by them, …. but an enthusiastic child can not realize the  extent of them being the  spokes person of so many misrepresented and suffocated,…. International media used her brilliance to make their point,  at the beginning it was a private blog in 2009 for BBC Urdu, a story of every child here,   peace nomination and repeated use of her public-figure status in front of cameras made her  even more vulnerable than other kids  in Swat. Her  openly public appearances at the face of most dangerous  enemy is pure negligence on her community’s part… Kids may want to say so many things  but  a family, a community’s job is to protect them as long they are in our guardianship,… every wish should not be granted… no matter how innocent it is… we should teach them  to take a path of safety, because a spirited  young person deserves to live longer !. We all know how many human rights are being violated in our country every day, but one should not let our children be baits to  a savage enemy, who have no  heart or soul  to see better or to have compassion…

I hope and pray that She  gets justice and health both  to make a real difference, She is being  used once again to make media appearances and repeated statements from the politicians  which She thought were lazy! ( lets see if   they show some work to make her happy this time)


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