Garment City Project : Hazardous Route To Development !

Garment City Project: Hazardous route to development !

Unfortunately all our current and previous governments always had a group of people, a bunch of money grabbers who destroyed their political career, when they influenced their decisions , and made them do things which make elected or selected once appear, ruthless and selfish group… it’s not that they are not to blame for their actions, however ruler ship is a tricky road and especially in a country like ours where democracy is a just an added new word to our National dictionary, it becomes some time hard to consider, practice or implement democratic thinking,.. people;s consent, rights or interest are just for speeches.

Where current government is taking a stance of a reformer style, by taking unpopular and difficult steps to  rescue our economy and all … their haste to make “Garment city project Sheikhopura” . like projects seem very contradictory, and can cost as a bad bargain with a heavy political and social price tag later.

There are a few very clear reasons why this project be cancelled and way to make any more short-sighted projects like this, should be stopped by government itself. There are many plants which are already under utilized in Faisalabad, Raheem yar khan, which can be brought to use before we go any further with more land acquisition.

Buildings, factories, roads are very obvious signs of development, but compensated for the cost of bread and butter… Uncontrollable and fast spreading buildings,  industrialization without much caution and stakeholders input, brings  social and environmental disasters.

Most land owners here are small farmers, however as this land is the most fertile it provides them respectable living, Most of these people are generational farmers, they don’t know any other skill, as an economy like ours we should not try to add  unemployed and unskilled population.There are modern dairy farms  set up there, this area provides milk, vegetables, and even cotton crops for the region. While our ears are still echoing from last few weeks of vegetable price hike, should we cut the hand which grow these crops for us???

 Trade is good, but at the cost of what when we have to import our wheat and tomatoes, we should not forget  that we are a farming nation, we can not ignore our natural resources and go try to create new map for growth. Farming cost less and saves environment while industry costs more energy to run,and destroys an environment.

Our most near urban centers ( Lahore , Karachi) , rural population is huge question mark for fast paced concrete solutions, look casually and you will find consequence of unplanned development in the form of millions, unemployed, uneducated , unskilled and unmotivated men,… who have future only in  drugs and life of poor existence.

Modern world chooses less populated , and barren lands for industries to divert and spread population to further away from crowding areas,  avoid pollution and shortage of resources. Like we have Baluchistan , with plenty of land and man power to meet any industrial plant, we need to diversify , our resources.

If need arises, land near farms, (but not farming land) can be used to set up industry for food process, preservation and to set up export quality food processing units . Let’s not suggest to our farmers to eat cake when the can not afford Roti !


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