English Medium Instruction in Punjab’s Schools



Back in 2009, the Punjab Government made English-only instruction compulsory in all schools, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  British Council has recently published a detailed report covering the Punjab Education and English Language Initiative Project (PEELI), which can be viewed here.

The lack of English Fluency exhibited by the teachers tested by the British Council is worrisome:

  • 62% of private school teachers and 56% of government school teachers registered scores in the lowest possible band in the Aptis test, meaning they lack even basic knowledge of English, including the ability to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and simple phrases.
  • Most of the remaining teachers received scores that placed them at beginners’ level in English.
  • Even in English medium schools, 44% of teachers scored in the bottom  Aptis band. In all, 94% of teachers in English medium schools have only pre-intermediate level English or lower.

Guest Post by Samaj-E


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