Teaching English in Pakistan’s Classrooms

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Recent developments in the news regarding ‘Teaching English in Pakistan’s Classrooms’:

In the education sector, the British Council will train one million teachers over the next 4 years in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces to help enhance the quality of English language teaching in Pakistan.

Source: Express Tribune 

Editor’s note: What about Balochistan? I hope that was the reporter’s oversight and not the government’s.


Under the road map, besides establishment of an international standard Information Technology and Technical University at Knowledge Park in Lahore, up-gradation of existing sub-campuses of public sector universities, granting of the status of full-fledged universities to some major government colleges and improvement of the infrastructure of the existing universities’ development projects worth Rs34.6 billion would be completed during the five years period. An action plan has been evolved for spending a further amount of Rs30 billion on infrastructure development during the next five years period.

… 850 acre land at Dera Rakh Chal, Badian Road, Lahore had been allocated for the knowledge park. He said out of this, sub-campuses of world renowned universities would be set up over 400 acres land, which also include Pakistan’ public sector IT and Technical University.

Source: The News

Guest Post by Samaj-E


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