Pakistan Human Rights Picture

Talk about Human rights situation in Pakistan and you will realize that from food to shelter, and from  health care to education, Pakistan have lost the plot sometime ago. Now it is a disastrous picture in every  part of the society. Terrorism and corruption have both destroyed any  framework we  ever had for development. Due to urbanization there is an increase in the uneducated and unskilled population shifting to fewer cities, causing  unhealthy and expensive living  conditions while burdening existing resources.  Earning opportunities are limited to the adult, most able members of the  population. We can also see an increase in poorer  seniors, children and disabled population  in total misery without any system to rescue them.    

We, as a nation, can not afford to go on like this; the latest Thar dilemma and than flood and war in Waziristan are calling for a multidimensional plan from the State . This work can not be left to NGO’s, even in such situations  it needs more check and balance when private NGO’s do the development work. It is the urgent need of the time to set our priorities straight regarding basic human rights- which can only be  achieved by a state which implements laws and people who believe in service and volunteerism. Pictures1PDF: Human Rights & Pakistan Power Point: Human Rights & Pakistan


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