PEEF Making A Difference, One Pakistani At A Time !

 Good Job PEEF !

These days, if you talk about education situation in Pakistan, all you can hear about  is either, it is being  too expensive,or lack of it’s quality and consistency  like expressions . Educational standards  are questionable all over #Pakistan , so hearing a positive and unbiased  acknowledgment of PEEF,work, , felt like a fresh breath of air, when recently a bright student from rural Punjab shared his story about his struggle to get education ,  at the time when  simple government college seemed so out of reach for him,  his family’s resources ran out long before he finished his education… things were bleak, frustrating and going no where,.. then all of  a sudden #PEEF reached out to him  with  a scholarship offer, ….without any knowledge and effort on his part ,he was selected on the basis of his performance, scholarship came like a pleasant surprise  for all of his family, in his words ” they were like angels for me,” ! they  found me,”. he said  with faith and positivity.

It is an amazing story of   a government effort which shows results instead of  creating doubt  and mistrust, It also shows that some of   the #Punjab government initiatives  work in real, despite  an image  of  organizational corruption and red tape in govt lead development campaigns. something must be  done right ! A satisfied  deserving  #Pakistani  got what he deserved on merit.!  we wish  to hear many more stories  like this in future !


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