Cerebral Palsy & ASD Awareness In Pakistan

Development means basic human rights, from quality of life, health and  right to get education as one wants,  however all conferences about unmet  MDG goals, and vision 2025 can’t do anything if we are not ready to work from ground up to improve our citizen’s life, from  the most vulnerable  to the most helpless, to protect first . Our rural and rural urban population should be our main focus, 70% of our real population resides in these areas, overly populated or too remote for the development to reach them.

Pakistan & Social welfare:

      Many of us may not be aware of this,  that Pakistan have a “Bait-ul-Mal”, “social security”  and a “Social welfare” system set up  under all it’s provincial governments.

We also have a good intention-ed “Zakat” and “Ashur” collection and distribution set up, however at present all these department  don’t seem  to work effectively towards their  delivery end, despite all the framework we see situation getting more destitute than ever before.

Health Situation: Pakistan also  have three tier health system from Basic Health Units, to rural health system and Women health  workers programme, from District headquarters Hospitals to Central Teaching hospitals, however preventive health care and health maintenance is still out of the reach for most.


      There is a need for re-haul and reform for  our existing infrastructure of welfare and health sector, because people already living in poverty are unaware and uneducated, if they or  their loved ones encounter Cerebral Palsy, or any other developmental disability, it spells out more disaster for them.

Civil Society:

        we need to include civil society for social uplift by bridging the gap between system and people with spreading awareness and  raising voice. Public awareness campaigns at community level can do wonders, even when there is a lack of education.

Early  interventions for CP and Autism

          Special needs children, Cerebral Palsy and Autism sufferers need timely intervention and diagnosis to ensure a healthy productive society. We can help by connecting them with services to bridge the gap.

  • Early intervention at the time of birth or after birth with the help of primary health care system, can improve quality of life for sufferers.
  • An  equal opportunity to get education  with accessible  environment.


To find OUR OWN CAUSES, AND SOLUTIONS, prevention and awareness by collecting database for  incidents of  CP and Autism and their occurrence in Pakistan, so  prevention can be planned for our own situation focusing Pakistan.


Create pressure for legislative changes to create filter for disability  before it reaches at the point of no return, with stipend and welfare system in mind.



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