New Rehab Centres In Punjab Districts

Government of Punjab Pakistan recently announced to set up  a network of rehab centres in every district  of Punjab New Rehab Centres In . Pakistan already have a few government and non -governmental organisations which are trying to fulfil our rehabilitative needs, however  changing  times demands a multi dimensional approach for the rescue and rehab of the disabled. Pakistan is facing an  increase in number of disability cases  from birth defects to Polio, terrorism, industrial and road accidents, which are constantly challenging health care sector in Pakistan.

Healthcare and Rehab Situation; We have basic health care infrastructure in the form of BHU and District Hospitals,  which may not be perfect; however this framework  can be  utilised as  the bases for  the  new rehab system for referral and followup purpose.

Existing Governmental and Non Governmental  Organisations Providing Rehabilitative  Services In Pakistan;

Suggestions To Improve Rehab Centres  Functionality;

  • Relevant Feed Back:

Format , should be decided only after relevant feedback of the people in the field or who faced disability with their loved ones and know the concerns.

  • Local Solutions; Procedures and format should be finalised while keeping our  local  unique  needs, in  mind instead of European models.
  • Satellite / Mobile Units:All over the world social welfare programs work better if they are widespread, instead of building big few  units  in urban  Pakistan, we should set up  many small mobile /satellite  units to cater all who need help in remote areas , which will prevent population shift to bigger cities as a double benefit.
  • Capacity Building; We have a lack of professionally trained staff in disability sector, There is an urgent need for trained staff from diagnosticians, therapists to  rehabilitative service providers,our  existing educational system  needs to add a substantial  number of courses and curriculum in disability and health care fields, which can be achieved in short time  with enhanced  diploma and degree programmes (with state’s help) by offering scholarships and grants.
  • Awareness Compare to Education;Use media, use mobile applications to  educate and inform  people on important issues regarding disability, from prevention to rehab and inclusion , up to their maximum capacity, and  apply an approach for a system which reaches to people.

Our  geographical and social environments are very varied across Pakistan, when disability  strikes, it makes it impossible for the person and the families involved to perform  their daily living activities one person’s disability becomes a disability for the whole family .


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