Accessibility in Lahore Metro Bus vs Lahore Sight Seeing Bus

Recently  launched”Sight-Seeing Lahore Bus Service” are a  great compliment to a city which have history and modernity both. Since the start of this service it’s been talk of the town and not only tourists locals loved the concept of a Double Decker and  exploring their city with  a new perspective.

  According to new SDG goals disability  and inclusion  are essential part of development .

Lahore is quick on change and  development under CM Shehbaz , in recent years we have seen “Lahore Metro” bus service which changed lives for many mobility wise, how ever as we are talking about accessibility it should start from the bottom, we have to include who are in most difficulty than an average person who can ride a bike , Rikshaw, or walk, our wheel chair bound population are more dependant on mass transport  for their daily mobility and dignified living, the new tour bus is better equipped for wheel chair persons, but Metro bus still have to provide accessible lift for boarding on and off  for people who have some kind of disability, or use a wheelchair for mobility.

Waqas Ahmed a bright Ravian and Chairman of A Disabled Welfare Organisation Lead by Youth “Pace 2 Life “  recently arranged a tour on “Lahore Sight Seeing ” bus with many of disabled friends and their families, it was a very pleasant experience for all involved.

Waqas Ahmed says he misses the similar accessibility  for day to day mobility of disabled in Lahore Metro Bus Service . Disabled persons from blind to someone in a wheel chair  should be able to travel from one end of  the Lahore to another end without any  personal attendant.

Watch  Their Tour :
Video Of Pace2Life Sight Seeing Tour Lahore


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