The Great G.C.U Lahore


Always heard so many  great things about the  Govt.College.University Lahore ,more from the proud Ravians . This 26th April 2016 was my first chance to experience the grandeur  of this place. (As an old timer I  consider all government colleges and that era  when we had only G.C system ,was the best time for education in Pakistan , which thousands of fancy universities can’t fill.) .Our #CP warrior Waqas Ahmed at #Pace2Life  was the reason behind this event where him and his group of friends , volunteers arranged a seminar a walk and wheel chair distribution ceremony at the G.C.U. Ceremony was small, graceful and focused  at the disability issue.

Waqas Ahmed himself is a Ravian have great things to say about his Alma-mater, G.C.U played a pivotal role in his survival and success, as it was the first educational institute  which gave him admission , when even schools and board dejected him.

I would like to admire the fact  that that unintentional “inclusion ” and an environment for students to collaborate, and respect for good values brought pace 2 life this far.Amazingly most of the volunteers which run Pace2Life are still  Ravians.

VC G.C.U was present at the occasion as the chief guest, emphasised the importance of inclusion  even  more for his students. There were other special needs students and group leaders were present, which showed preference for an accessible environment as G.C policy which they practice, a constant value system of humanity and empowerment, however  as a disability  advocacy group we would like to see G.C .U  to start a whole department of special education for professional  trainings, as capacity building is the first brick in the foundation of any development related situation.

Once we have our own research and database for disability, we will find our own solutions soon.



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