Zain’s Story

Zain is according to his parents almost 10 years old,  he  appears a lot younger for his age, alert and very well responding.

He was born   in a village near Shiekhopura , loved and treasured  but parents hardly had means to provide for their family, when they had him as a first child they did not know who to turn to, some doctors and more spiritual healers, were not able to make him  grow at a normal pace,then his family thought to move to Lahore to find a treatment for their son.

Parents with the guidance of their relatives took  Zain to  “Children Hospital” on Feroze 20160513_204342Pur road  for medicine and some consultation, medical care in emergency situations.

What  a big hospital  in a big city like #Lahore,  funded by  government, with a  #Social welfare, #Baitulmal, #Zakat , #Usher and #BISP department  lacks ?

Its been more than 3 years he is taking medicines (parents buy fever and seizure medicine ) and No therapeutic intervention measures are taken yet !

Pakistan Lahore  have no lack of speech, physical therapist

  • No  Speech Therapy  assessment and followup,(  he responds well to sounds ).
  • No Physical therapy and braces assessment,( moves his feet as a reflex and  can benefit from physical therapy)
  • Nothing rehabilitative was suggested or offered to him.
  • No speech therapy recommended, (Khidmat card).
  • No nutritional guidelines ever given or stipend is set for him (Bait- ul-mal).
  • No School placements yet ( Social welfare ).

Semi Custom CP Wheelchair.

Follow Up by  STEP -UP Pakistan (CPASD Pakistan)

April 19th 2016(Hiba #1) Zain a 9 or 10 years old kid with spastic ‪#‎CP‬ , gets his basic medical care from ‪#‎ChildrenhospitalLahore‬, but have no therapy or rehabilitative treatment or a chair yet, WE were concerned to give him regular wheel chair due to his limited control on his body, we waited and thought it will be unsafe for him to sit in basic wheel chair where he can fall or get hurt. Recently explored all medical equipment providers in ‪#‎NeelaGunmbed‬ near ‪#‎Anarkali‬ ‪#‎Lahore‬area for a safe #CP chair for him, and AH found one localised  solution ‪#‎PakSurgical‬ agreed to make semi custom  and affordable chair for Zain, cost is lot less than as for an imported chair.

He  still need therapy ,may need a walker,  braces to do best within his ability.

Gets small stipend for his daily needs from a private donor, as his dad lost his CNIC  and can’t apply for #Khidmat card offered  by government of Punjab.

We have all the basics for a good healthcare infrastructure, but no one gets relief, especially in case of disability and poverty ? What Needs to be  Adjusted ?  The Healthcare infrastructure  or the Mind set about humanity ? 

Since we are talking about Lahore Pakistan , so we have no shortage of funds and physicians , system is there building is there, but nothing seem to make things better for thousands of poor, deprived patients  and their loved ones who reach here to get some guidance and still stay  helpless, no BISP, Khidmat card, Disability  Wazifa or Social security works for them …..



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