About Step-UP Pakistan

Motivation Behind Step-Up Pakistan :
We have an educational emergency, a health care chaos, and every other problem which spells lack of development ,  which is a huge reason for increased disability, our welfare system is not functioning it creates more burden, less solutions  for  development purposes .With rest of the world Pakistan also missed #MDG , however now  our focus is on  UN’s  SDG , We want to use this opportunity to create an inclusive and more aware with basic human rights, Pakistan ! 
Who We  Are:
We are an ever-growing group of volunteers  from different walks of life , which  considers “Step-Up Pakistan” a Movement which is “For the people by the People”.  We  Gather &  Share Ideas, Knowledge & Work ! We Don’t Take or Give Money ! We see a need to bring  Pakistan back again to at least  a developing nation‘s status. Our strategy is advocacy for basic human rights regarding  disabled, seniors and poor.
Who should join us ?  
If you are a student, a housewife, a businessman, a teacher, a physiotherapist, a physician, a religious scholar, an engineer or a retired person  who have some free time on your hand always feel concerned about Pakistan, and think that “I have few good ideas to contribute wish I had the platform” then it is your chance to share your feedback here !  You can contribute in any language,Urdu, English or  even in Roman Urdu, write to us & volunteer what you can do best, share your ideas, knowledge or  professional expertise, just by  adding your voice and vision You  may can help someone to “Step Up”  in their everyday struggles.   

Join Us, For A More Inclusive Pakistan !
Cerebral Palsy and ASD awareness Pakistan:
For 2016 we joined hands with World CP Day  organisation to spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy In Pakistan. We translated basic facts  from WCPD  and uploaded basic information about CP on our FB group  “CPASDPakistan” any one if a group member can download , print or share  this info via net to their friends, colleagues and family. All  information  which is downloadable, is in Urdu too to reach to the maximum population. 
Our big focus is   Pakistan wide disabled community, which have  CP, Autism, MD,MS or may struck  disability due to some other accident or reason, we want them to get documented for better guidance, therapy and an inclusive society. 
We want an open forum (for discussion) a data base, a register (to document occurrence)  of Cerebral Palsy  in Pakistan, including  all rural and remote  population. While sharing and gathering ideas about this cause, we want to deal disability challenges at a better pace.

What We Do ;
We  work on civil  rights of disabled community on volunteer basis, we pick people from, and around our communities to get them connected to services they need and deserve. Here in Pakistan people are very charitable, they sympathise  but they don’t know how to empathise and support disabled with better understanding and respect, most disabled miss any chance to live independently because of the ignorance shame and guilt about their disability. Some rural and  rural urban population is so  deprived that they have no  diagnosis, therapy or  even access to wheel chairs if they need one. 
Tools & Sources:
Our website, group, page is open to all Pakistanis who want to write and share with respect, we  provide a platform to discuss productive solutions , community style knowledge, curriculum share program  for health, first aid, fire, traffic safety, which are basic  knowledge but not reached to the most in  rural, and  rural urban Pakistan.
Method:Step -Up Pakistan, step by Step !
1- Raising Voice, Awareness for Disability Rights:
  • We  publish stories about CP/ disabled profiles, struggles  which we see in Pakistan on our blog , face book page and on our group here.#CPASDPakistan 2016 is  at the top of our priority list.
  • Disabled watch by volunteering and by spreading awareness and to create a database for research, prevention, early diagnosis and intervention.
  • Creating a link between responsible authorities, and rural, rural urban population for special population rights , services .
  • Our goal is to make things happen  via legislative changes via writing and social media  to  influence positive changes . 
2-Senior citizens:
Changing times  and values made things difficult for everyone including  seniors, their well-being and quality of life with  ageing are another  big concern for us in Pakistan.
3-Child rights & Protection issues: 
Children need serious attention in our society, We aim to protect innocent Pakistani children from violence, exploitation and ignorance and neglect
4-Community Awareness/ Informal Education  Step-Up Workshops:
We  focus on awareness, basic literacy over  non-productive formal education without Job readiness or soft skills .  Our workshops spread  knowledge about  issues in everyday life in Pakistan, We believe in community development through focused workshops about First Aid, Hygiene, Fire Safety, Traffic Safety rules, Narcotics, by lectures  arranged by us with the help of the field experts ..
Contact Us;
Join Us here : http://www.facebook.com/groups/CPASDPakistan/
Whats-App:  ( 0301-497-8936   )
Twitter:    @RethinkPakistan
FB page:   http://www.facebook.com/stepup4pakistan/



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